Hokkaido Investment Seminar in Yangon on a Great Note

Hokkaido Real Estate Investment Seminar


Japan Valuers Co., Ltd. has taken a role of supporter for the seminar co-hosted by Japan Valuers (Myanmar) Co., Ltd, our local company, and Japan Premium International Co., Ltd. as well as Phoenix Land CO.

CEO of Japan Premium International is Mr. Minoru Okubo, the former vice president in Hokkaido Tracks Development Company in Niseko who has been contributing the development, real estate investment and tourism of Hokkaido.

Phoenix Land consists of highly experienced real estate agents in Yangon, Myanmar.

The main session is about the introduction of tourism and real properties in Hokkaido how it is attractive for visitors and investors from overseas.

The number of participants was more than 30. In the QA session, some specific questions on property taxations and visa issues raised, and it is felt how big HNWIs in Myanmar are interested in property investment towards Hokkaido and Japan.


Date: 30 May, 2017

Venue: Sedona Hotel, Yangon

Co-hosts: Japan Valuers (Myanmar) Co. Ltd. / Japan Premium International Co Ltd. / Phoenix Land Co., Ltd.

Supported by: Japan Valuers Co., Ltd.



– Opening Speech

Speaker: Mr. Maung Maung Than, former counselor (Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo)

Theme: He noted how Japanese people strongly eye Myanmar. Also, based on his experience lived and worked in Japan, he emphasized the beauty of Hokkaido and the merit of property investment to the area.



– Keynote Speech

Speaker: Mr. Hiroyuki Isobe, Chairman of Japan Valuers Co., Ltd. / Managing Director of Japan Valuers (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.

Theme: He spoke with a comprehensive paradigm of property investment to Hokkaido, by contrasting the country risk, real estate market system, and transparencies in Myanmar from those in Japan. In addition, fairness of property valuation in several occasions and necessity for social and individual benefits were emphasized.



– Main Presentation

Speaker: Mr. Minoru Okubo, CEO of Japan Premium International Co., Ltd.

Theme: After seeing the movie of Hokkaido tourism scenes, he talked about various aspects of Hokkaido including property investments from overseas. It followed by the information of some actual properties on sale located in Niseko, Sapporo and Furano. Transaction customs and processes in Japan were further explained.

The movie seemed very catchy for the participants. Each table became lively with informal discussions between participants when it came to actual property information. By and large, attractiveness of Hokkaido was well informed to all the participants.



– Q&A Session

In particular, questions on investment schemes and property taxation system of Japan were remarkably many. Property investment for the purpose of permitting long-term visa was another topic in the session.


– Networking

Individual questions from the participants were taken care of during networking.



– Media Interviews

On the day, several media including Kyodo Press and Myanmar Express and other local media were appeared for the interviews. Mr. Hiroyuki Isobe explained his local company profile as well as purpose of hosting this seminar.



– Summary of Impressions (from a host-side view)

Because interests and/or practice of Burmese HNWIs had been unclear before the seminar, the preparations were proceeded only upon our feeling. Advertisement for the seminar firstly started with SNS basis, but after having great cooperation with local property agent members, it came to a big wave in number of participants. The registered participants were finally more than fifty!

In view of the venue preparation, because the number of registrations was beyond our first estimate, it was hard to exactly estimate how many of them would actually come to participate.

We aimed this seminar as an introduction of tourism and property investment to Hokkaido. However, the motivation or the driving-force to a particular area would be tourism experience by them own first. Hokkaido has been introduced to overseas particularly for its winter activity including skiing. As such, we have tried to present the scenes of Hokkaido in all seasons well, as well as giving a clue of property investment processes in Japan.

Nonetheless, motivations of the participants towards property investments were beyond our expectations! Questions in QA sessions were more than concrete and upon very practical issues when investing. Interests towards permanent visa to Japan were held by many participants. We had not prepared such questions well.

Everyone seemed realistic and serious towards investment – “just looking” participants were none.

For future opportunities, we would like to pull up the participants needs perfectly. Hosting the seminar this time became a milestone for further commitments to local industry and people.


(Reported by: Mr. Teruo Hasegawa, Associate of Japan Valuers Co., Ltd.)

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