Business Policy

We consider that Japan has experienced "drastic change of social systems" from a risk-free, going-concern society to an uncertain society where risk management is essential.
Under these circumstances, we are trying to address the following paradigm shifts now taking place in the real estate market as a company involved in appraisal.

  1. Change in real estate business from domestic business to global business
  2. Change in the trend of real estate market from an income-simplified market to a strategy-add market
  3. Change in the idea of possessing real estate from a standardized asset management to a varied property management
  4. Change in real estate finance from homogeneous financing to asset-oriented financing
  5. Change in real estate holding style diversification in stakeholders in addition to separation of ownership and management
  6. Change in real estate and finance from simple hard asset to diversified financial assets
  7. Change in the relation between companies and real estate from historical book value to up-to-date market value
    from project-based assignments to value-add
    solutions on corporate value
  8. Change in the regularity of real estate pricing cash flow projection based on one's investment policy beyond a simple CF simulation of each property