As real estate valuation professionals, we, Japan Valuers, have provided real estate appraisals and consulting services in a variety of situations, supporting you to find solutions for real estate businesses.

Japan Valuers Co., Ltd.
President & CEO
Certified Real Estate Appraisar

Jun Komuro

The subject property to be valued can be both domestic and overseas, and its use is diverse, including residences, offices, commercial facilities, logistics facilities, hotels, and golf courses. The backgrounds and circumstances of your request vary each other. However, all consultations are based on the premise that you expect us to solve the real estate related problems you face.
Therefore, it is our job to engage "people" through real estate appraisal, to think together with "people" facing the challenges, and to suggest the best way to solve the problems. In addition, it is always our goal to contribute broadly to society by resolving various issues through real estate valuation.
The situation surrounding the real estate economy changes moment-to-moment. While responding to any environment, we will continue to strive to improve our expertise and reliability in order to support your business.


Born at Saitama prefecture in 1973. Bachelor at faculty of commerce in Chuo University in Japan. Certified Real Estate Appraisar(Japan, #6596), ARES Certified Master, MRICS, Affiliation of JAREA, Tokyo Association of Real Estate Appraisers, ARES, CEO of Japan Valuers Co., ltd. since 2015