Appraisal General Real Estate Appraisals

We work on Public Sector’ s fair valuation including publicized land price survey; property / inheritance tax valuations; fair value accounting; non-performing loan valuations; M&As; etc.
Further, valuation scenes are infinite in regard to rent valuations; inheritance; disputes and conflicts.
A property is different from the other.
We pursue the optimum solution for each subject property through valuation.

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Main business contents

  • Areas of Services (General valuation exercise)
  • Acquisition/Disposition/Exchange
  • M&A, Business revitalization
  • Financial reporting (Rental properties, inventory market valuation, impairment accounting, et al.)
  • Collateral valuation for financial institutions
  • Land rent, building rent, eviction fee
  • Superficies, leasehold, tenancy rights
  • Public land acquisition
  • Public land survey, inheritance/property tax valuation
  • Due Diligence for bad debt